Brand and Logos

Brand and Logos

You can download the LYOPAY logo from this page, but first, make sure that you have read the guidelines below.
The brand assets of LYOPAY are copyrighted material. You may use them following the policy listed below.
You may only use the brand assets of LYOPAY when following the policy listed below. Here are the copyrighted materials included:
  • LYOPAY name
  • LYOPAY logo
  • Any visual asset produced by LYOPAY such as videos, diagrams, images, illustrations, and 3d models.


Use the brand assets of LYOPAY when:
✔️ You are referring to the products and services of the LYO Ecosystem
✔️ You are linking to the official sites of products and services created by the LYO Ecosystem
✔️ You are announcing an approved official partnership with LYOPAY


Protecting the authenticity of our brand matters to us and our users. This will help users know what products, services, advertisements, and endorsements are official. Here are examples of what you are not allowed to do with our brand assets:
❌ Using our brand assets in your product
❌ Using our logo for in your website, marketing material, and the like
❌ Creating derivative names such as "LYOWALLET," "LYOCOIN," or "LYOEXCHANGE."
Be creative and unique when creating your own brand to avoid spreading misinformation. LYOPAY strongly condemns those who deliberately share false or misleading content in the crypto world.
We hope you understood our guidelines. If you have more questions about our brand assets, contact us at [email protected]
Download our brand assets here:
The LYOPAY logo symbolizes the endless possibilities in the crypto world that users can access with their smartphones.
Every aspect of the logo, including the spacing, arrangement, and colors, is carefully selected and constructed. Any form of amendments to the logo lockup is not allowed.
Use the link below to download the logo package.
Using the brand mark alone is still impactful, especially if the logo will be too small.


The primary brand colors are dark blue, blue, white, and turquoise. Here’s how they are applied in light and dark modes:


The fonts chosen by LYOPAY represent the brand’s principles. A serif font is selected to express the innovative thinking of the brand. To observe typographic hierarchy, kindly follow this type scale.
Use the link below to download the font package.