LYO Credit (LYO)

LYO Credit (LYO)

LYO Credit (LYO) is the token created to work in the LYOPAY ecosystem of business applications. Use it to stake, buy and sell products and services, pay transaction fees with a discounted rate on trading, and for e-commerce, crowdfunding, card payments, and much more.
LYO Credit (LYO) is based on the BNB Chain that is powered by Binance. The BSC-20 smart contract allows BSC to facilitate transactions of the LYOPAY Ecosystem (LYO) and record balances of such credits in an account. Some of the benefits of using the BSC-20 protocol are as follows:
  • Using the simple and easy-to-understand BSC-20 standard reduces the complexity of having to study and understand other types of blockchains for implementations such as the LYO Ecosystem.
  • Using the BSC-20 standard enhances the liquidity of other BSC-20 tokens and reduces the risk of contracts being broken.
  • BSC-20 is a uniformity of tech and protocol standards for everyone to use. Hence it is widely acceptable and extremely reliable.
LYO Credit tokens are issued by DIGILYO TECH LTD which operates under licensed partners and platforms authorized in various countries around the world.
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