About Us

We help because we can. As cryptocurrency and blockchain continue to make waves, we want to translate their impact into something unconditional and selfless, making sure that no one will be left behind.
Crypto has the power to reach every corner of the world, even the poverty-stricken communities. That is why we created LYOCARE, a nonprofit organization that aims to create a real impact on society by helping the underprivileged, no matter where they are in the world.


A world where poverty is alleviated and food, shelter, and healthcare are accessible to everyone.


LYOCARE's mission is to help eradicate poverty through donations, fundraising, sponsorships, and the like by partnering with other nonprofit organizations and taking part in government programs for the poor.


- Global Giving Project (Worldwide)
- Ukraine Crisis Relief Fund (Europe)
- Provide Medical Attention (MENA & Europe)
- Provide Gifts and Food to the Poor(Middle East)
- Educate a Kid, Educate a Nation (Africa)
- Blood Donation (Dubai)

Our Beliefs

We believe that through this initiative, LYOCARE can help:
  • Empower the community
  • Influence the next generation
  • Create sustainable communities
  • Improve equality
  • Alleviate poverty
  • Bring serious issues to the spotlight
  • Protect public health