Gold Tier Verification

Gold Tier Verification

To process with the Gold Level application, users must answer the provided questions and upload the required documents. The provisions of the documents for the Gold Level application are set by the AML team which sets standards for what information must be in a document in order to be verified.
The list of the documents that can be uploaded for the Gold Level application is following:
  • Copy of recent payslips for the last 3 months;
  • Employer confirmation of income, e.g. HR letter;
  • If self-employed, a copy of recent accounts;
  • Bank statements (within 3 months) that include salary payment deposit from the user’s name employer;
  • The tax information from the tax collection agency.
The Gold Level applications are reviewed by the AML (Anti Money Laundering team) in the order of the queue and the consideration time might take up to a few weeks.
Once the application is reviewed, the users are notified about the result in their profile – if the application is accepted the result tag is (verified); if not, the user receives result tag (rejected) and a comment from the AML team with explanatory information and described actions to be taken in order to get verified.
The cost of this activity is 15.00 EUR and can be paid in any currency available on the LYOPAY platform.
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