How to do KYC

How to Do KYC

Press the "SUBMIT KYC" button and proceed. Required information can be uploaded from PC or user may continue the registration process via phone.
1. Valid Identification Document
You can use any passport or ID card, that has been valid for at least one month after the present date.
  • The information on the document must be clearly legible
  • All corners of the document should within the frame visible
  • Two-page or two-sided documents must have all pages/sides photographed
  • Expired or damaged documents won’t be accepted
2. Proof of Residence
Submit photos of proof of residence documents for validationβ€”the same way you uploaded your ID document.
We accept
Not acceptable
  • Bank statements
  • Utility bills
  • Internet/cable TV/house phone line bills
  • Tax returns
  • Council tax bills
  • Government-issued certificates of residence, etc.
  • Screenshots
  • Mobile phone bills
  • Medical bills
  • Receipts for purchases
  • Insurance statements
  • Utility bills and bank statements must be no older than 3 months and be printed on an official form
  • The document must contain your full name (the same as on your ID document)
  • Address, and the date of issue have to be clearly visible
  • All corners of the document should be within the frame
3. Selfie Photo
After all documentation has been submitted, we have to make sure that you are indeed the person submitting this information and have the provided documentation in your possession.
Take a photo of yourself with the document in hand.
  • Both your face and the document must be fully visible
  • The document must be the same one, as provided previously.
4. Liveliness Check
Face the camera and slowly rotate your head in a full circle to complete our liveness verification.
Liveness verification confirms that we are dealing with the document owner, rather than an imposter.
5. Verification
If the provided data is correct the verification will take only a few minutes, since it’s done by the system automatically. As soon as the verification process is done, user may begin to use his account. Otherwise, the user receives the result tag (rejected) and has to resubmit the necessary information the proper way.
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