Platinum Tier Verification

Platinum Tier Verification

To apply for the highest tier qualification, open your profile and go to "PROFILE" section. Select the "Platinum" button and mark one of the available dates and time, to schedule a meeting. Afterwards you will be contacted by the AML team directly to provide all necessary documentation such as:
  • Copy of the recent payslips from the last 3 months
  • Employer confirmation of income, e.g. HR letter
  • If self-employed, copy of recent accounts
  • Bank statements that include salary payments from your named employer (from last 3 months)
Also, tax information from your tax collection agency may be requested. It declares your pay tax payments and returns, which allows the AML team to see your accountability and how much we can rely on your statements.
This information is required due to the fact that LYOPAY, as a financial institution, is required to report information directly to governmental authorities about the accounts held by its customers.
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