Swap Exchange

Swap Exchange

LYOPAY App offers an instant trading service called Swap Exchange. Choose the currency to sell with the one to buy, and make the exchange. This takes place at the real-time market quotation on the currency.
Do you want to open a buy or sell order? Check out LYOTRADE exchange, where advanced trading, margin, future, and more are available.

Making an Exchange

Click "Currency Exchange."
You can select what kind of exchange is desired and proceed with it.

Minimum Amount Per Exchange

For every currency the minimum exchange amount is different and it will be displayed once you have chosen your desired combination.

Making an Exchange Transaction Report

Click "Payments & Transfers" then select "History."
You'll be able to sort transactions by:
  • Status
  • Date
You can also select your preferred timeframe:
  • Day
  • Week
  • Month
  • Year or
  • Specific timeline
Once everything has been selected, the statement can be downloaded as a PDF document.
You can use this transaction report to inform your tax obligations. But for final tax declaration, we advise you to refer to your accountant who knows the rules of your country.

Maximum Amount per Exchange

Visit Transaction Limits to know more.